Add an “Add to Calendar” Button to Your Event Confirmation Page

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In this article, we are going to see WHY you should add an “add to calendar” button to your confirmation page…and HOW to do it for free!

Why You Should Add an “Add to Calendar” Button (or Link)

I regularly register for live events (marketing webinars most of the time). There is always a form asking me for my email address and then, if that person has done her job right, I am taken to a confirmation page (you can also call it a Thank You Page).

When I arrive on that Thank You Page, there are 2 things I am looking for:

  1. an “add to calendar” button or link
  2. any useful resources to get me going further (pdf to print, video links, tips I don’t know…).

Note that I mentioned the “add to calendar” button before the resources. I did that on purpose. It is actually the 1st thing I am looking for.

It saves me TIME! And time is what we run after nowadays…

Having an “add to calendar” button is one of the most important things you should have on your own confirmation page!

thank you page

Increase Attendance Rate & Improve Students Experience

Let’s see 2 different cases where you could use this “add to calendar” button.

Case #1: Hosting a webinar to get new leads

Webinars are still a great way to attract new potential students. You offer them something they want to know, something useful, something different from anything they have seen before… They register and give you their precious email address in exchange. OK, but what if they don’t show up because they simply forgot about it?

You are going to say: “But, Vanessa, I am going to send them emails to remind them of the webinar.”. And you should absolutely do that. But if they are anything like me, they DON’T read each and every email you send. On the other hand, they look at their calendar!

This is where the “add to calendar” button plays its role.

On your webinar confirmation page, they click on the button and choose their favorite calendar. It takes them straight to the calendar and creates the event reminder automatically.

You see now how emails reminders PLUS agenda event equals a higher webinar show-up rate. Hence, more chances to convert your subscribers into buyers, yoohoo!

Case #2: Hosting an online workshop for your students

Same thing if you would like to offer live masterclasses, workshops, group calls to your students, except the goal is a bit different. I’ll explain.

It is proven that only a few students will make it until the end of a course. A good way to have your students really benefit from your courses so they can feel a sense of accomplishment is by coaching them live!

By adding an “add to calendar” button to the Thank You Page of your event, you are improving your students’ experience. Hence, happier students that will stick with you and share with their friends how you transformed their life.

How to Add an Add to Calendar Button for Free

If you are a beginner, you may not want to spend your money on a button.

So, here is how you can add an “add to calendar” button to your confirmation page for free.

Tools to Create the Button

In the video, I show you how I do it using Thrive Themes Architect plugin for WordPress and Eventable.

I’ve bought the Thrive Themes membership which includes all the plugins and I highly recommend it. You can check it out here: Thrive Themes Membership.

But you can perfectly add the button directly to a WordPress page or into a Teachable lesson using the Text block or HTML block.

The HTML code for the button can be created on Eventable. Eventable offers several useful solutions to manage events and increase attendance. I only use the Free button which makes the button light blue.

If you would like to be able to customize the button more, Eventable’s plan is $20/month.

In the case you host lots of events, I recommend you go for it so you can customize your buttons with your brand colors.

Hey, who’s a happy online course creator now? Let me know in the comments what you’re going to use the “add to calendar” button for, I wanna know!

Photo by Anurag Harishchandrakar