My 2019 Webcam for Webinars, Live Streaming and Recording

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So, my 2019 webcam for webinars, live streaming and recording is… the LOGITECH C920!

webcam for course creators

OK, I’ve ruined the suspense here but I’ve just tested it and it is sooo good.

Until now, I had the choice between my laptop inbuilt webcam or my Iphone webcam. Both have their limits and I really needed a good quality external webcam.

Why using my Iphone webcam for live streaming is not the best

I have the Iphone 7 and the video quality is VERY good. But for the live broadcast, it has its flaws:

  1. If you need to LOOK at your laptop screen – and still wants to face the webcam
  2. If you need to SHARE your laptop screen – then it’s not easily possible
  3. If you want to REPLY to the comments – impossible without showing your double chin and nostrils
  4. If you’re live for a LONG time – your phone battery may die

And here is why using my laptop inbuilt webcam is not the best either

This is the quality I get with the Sony Vaio inbuilt webcam.
It is a Facebook like recording so the download is not in full HD.

The image is blurry and, as you can see, there are too many pixels.
The sound is quite clear. It is the laptop mic sound (Realtek).

My Best 2019 Webcam for Webinars, Live Streaming and Recording

And this is the quality I get with the Logitech C920.
Still a Facebook live and the same light.

I’m using the image AND the sound from the webcam.
I’m not sure about the sound and, as the sound is very important for what I do (I’m a vocal coach remember…), I will keep using my Boya Lavalier microphone (speech only) or my Rode NT1-A condenser microphone (for singing).


Of course, the Logitech C920 wins! No doubt about it. And with a price around $66.94, it is very affordable for such a quality webcam.
Since I’ve tested it and used it for several lives and recordings, I can honestly recommend you to buy it and use it for your videos.

And as I like to say, if you don’t have the money, maybe you can add it to your Birthday wish list or ask Santa 🙂