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Documenting My Online Course Creation Journey, You’re In?

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I am documenting my online course creation journey, YOU’re in?

Documenting allows me to keep track of everything I am doing. It also helps me with time management as I need to think about what I am going to share with you in advance. And what I am going to share is what I am up to: what needs to be done (tasks).

Crazy idea? Probably. But I already have the feeling that those lives are going to benefit both YOU & ME.

What’s In There For You?

The new online course I’m creating is not my 1st course, it is my 5th. So that means I am not a total newbie and you can really steal a lot from what I’ve implemented and from what I know works well.

=> I will share the TOOLS I’ve tested and the ones I’m still using or the new ones I’ll find on the way.

=> I will give you my best TIPS so you can avoid wasting time on things that are not going to benefit your project.

=> It will be about the whole online course creation journey:

    • building and growing an email list,
    • nurturing your leads,
    • blogging and vlogging with your objective in mind,
    • using social media with an entrepreneur mindset,
    • creating your online course (design, content, purpose)
    • and finally promoting/launching your online course!

It Is Happening Live

I will be going live on Facebook every other day.

Going live is exciting. I hope I can connect with you in a very honest way showing my true self.

Because my Saturdays and Sundays are family days, I will broadcast on weekdays.

And you know what? It has already started! So join me live 🙂 Subscribe here Like and follow my page then select Notifications to get notified when I’m live.

This is going to be an amazing experience. I promise to tell you everything. The good, the bad, the ugly.

Documenting My Online Course Creation Journey, You’re In?