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How I Got Rid of Neck and Shoulders Aches Doing Yoga at My Desk

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Would you like to know How I Got Rid of Neck and Shoulders Aches Doing Yoga at My Desk? If you spend a lot of time sitting at your computer, you may be experiencing aches or even pain like me.

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You’ve been staying at your computer writing your email Welcome Sequence without moving for 5 hours. Happy that you’re done, you want to go and eat a little something and you begin to move.

Ouch! You notice your neck is really STIFF. At first, you think it’s going to go away. And you forget about it.


BUT the day after, it hurts even more and now your shoulders are sore too. The next day, you may have a slight headache or an upper back ache.


This is exactly what happened to me and it even led to me having to deal with FROZEN SHOULDERS* (also called adhesive capsulitis). My left arm could not move anymore. The mechanism that allows my shoulder to rotate and my arm to move was locked. And I cannot even describe the pain.

My physician put me on MORPHINE. Yes, that is how strong the pain was!

Now, I don’t want to scare you. It all ended up well with me regaining 90% of my motion range.

So when I started feeling a pain in my right shoulder, I immediately took the bull by its horns and started researching what I could do to prevent the same thing happening AGAIN!

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I met Megan Nolan, personal trainer and yoga instructor, and a fellow course creator! Megan created her Yoga at My Desk online course after experiencing herself neck and back tensions sitting at her computer.

Yoga at My Desk gives you 10 minutes yoga breaks easily doable at your desk, on your chair.

Breathing, stretching, core strengthening but also relieving the stress and boosting your energy!

In the lessons, Megan makes it easy to understand and do the postures. You don’t need to be a yoga student at all. But you may become one after Yoga at My Desk.


I go back REGULARLY to Megan’s course. I remember the postures now but I’ve also bookmarked it. Because the videos are pleasant and it is nice to have your instructor in front of you.

I try to take a few 10 minutes yoga breaks when staying too long at the computer. And when I forget, my body reminds me I should 🙂

Do you experience neck, shoulders or back aches? If so, I can honestly recommend Yoga at My Desk.

Take good care of yourself,


PSSST: I’ve just finished editing the article and did a quick yoga break, if you’d like to check it out, it’s here.


*Frozen shoulder