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My 2019 Top 3 Business Books for Bloggers and Course Creators 📚

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As a teacher, I love to learn. And as a blogger, I love to write. Don’t you? Today is International Book Giving Day and I thought I would share with you My Top Business Books for Bloggers and Course Creators.

best business books for course creators 2019
The picture above shows part of my Kindle books library. The books I go back to or the ones I am currently reading are always placed at the top of the Kindle screen. As you can see, there are 3 books I’m often going back to. Let me tell you why! 🙂

Making Pinterest Possible – The She Approach

As a digital entrepreneur myself, I’ve been following a good number of other digital entrepreneurs. Making Pinterest Possible is an ebook written by Ana from The She Approach. I’ve been following Ana for a while, reading her newsletter and buying 2 of her ebooks (she wrote 3 till now).

I like Ana bubbly personality and the way she writes. Also, she is good at stripping down processes. So she makes it very easy to learn a new web related topic like Pinterest (or Affiliate Marketing).

Her ebook is a step-by-step guide on how to use Pinterest with lots of visual examples and successful stories to inspire you and allow you to get started right away.

If you don’t really know what Pinterest is and how it can help your blog and your business, Making Pinterest Possible is the book for you.

And as an affiliate, I got you a $5 discount. Click on Making Pinterest Possible and use the following code TSA5OFF and voilà!

Dotcom Secrets – Russel Brunson

“The underground playbook for growing your company online”

If you haven’t heard of Russel Brunson, let me introduce him. He is specialized in marketing and more precisely in “sales funnels”. Russel Brunson is a successful author, speaker and also the co-founder of a software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

I don’t remember where I heard Dotcom Secrets or Russel Brunson for the 1st time but I heard them numerous times. I had the book on my wishlist and decided to give it a go. Boum bam bom! Brunson really gives his online marketing secrets inside the book.

But what I prefer, and I was surprised about that, is the stories he tells! I usually prefer guides, processes, step-by-step books or courses but he always have great stories about the concept, the “secret” he is going to develop in the book. And those stories had my brain on fire because I could easily apply the ideas to my own digital business.

Dotcom Secrets will help you with your blog traffic and your conversion rate. The book is easily readable and applicable!

The Service First Framework – Eli Natoli

“My not-so-secret secret thriving as an entrepreneur”

I first heard of The Service First Framework on Laura Petersen podcast Copy That Pops. The author, Eli Natoli, is a bestselling author and international speaker.

When I read this book, it feels like she was talking to me. I was at a place in my business journey where I could not see how to make it work. In fact, I had mixed feelings like impostor syndrome, comparing myself too much to others and not knowing how to position myself as the expert in my niche.

When I finished reading The Service First Framework, I had a clear idea (and a good one) of why I was doing this and how I could do with just being me as a solopreneur.

The book went straight to my heart. It is about psychology and also gives you a real framework!